Four Radical Love Risks for when (other) Christians hurt or annoy you

Dalene Reyburn

So a friend tells me how she’s been snubbed and side-lined by those who should know better. Those who claim Christ but don’t weigh their words before dropping them like so many sticks, stones and anvils. Those who ignore when they should engage. Those who lash out instead of letting it go.

And I get it. Christians behaving badly. Christians getting it tragically wrong when we know the truth and should totally be getting it right. Christians being cool and cliquey when other Christians are being beheaded.

But – how’s this for awkward –

You and me both, friend, we’re somebody else’s irritating Christian.

For sure there are somebodies in my life and yours mildly or aggressively peeved by the way we walk our walk or roll up our sleeves and our secrets to show bleeding hearts. For sure somebody rolls their eyes at you because you call yourself a…

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